At MSCTC, we have accumulated a wealth of continually evolving ICT and business knowledge from our experience working on critical issues in MSC and other organisations. MSCTC offers an integrated suite of services that reflects the demand of today's intensely competitive, technology-reliant global business.

Now in the 21st century the accumulated experiences preserved from the people and technology enables MSCTC to contribute to the development of other organisations in enhancing the value creation and its competitive advantage. This is achieved by providing strategy and technology solutions to organisation that seeks to prepare them with the new global challenges arising from convergence of diverse technologies such as Multimedia, Internet, Digital signatures, Smart Card and high Speed Communications. Ultimately helping nations and organisations to harvest the benefits of organisation strategy and Information Communication Technology - ICT in its course to become competitive locally and globally.

MSCTC aims to help local and international organisation make significant improvements in their direction and performance by sparking breakthrough ideas and managing them for clients, the business world and society at large. We see the fundamental thrust of our work as a continuous loop of insight, impact and confidence.

We constantly endeavour to spawn deep understanding into what drives value creation and competitive advantage in our clients' businesses and the economy as a whole. We work closely with clients to convert insights into strategies, whose implementation will have a substantial positive impact on performance. Consistently delivering impact earns the confidence and trusts that is the foundation of lasting relationships. These relationships serve as a platform for still deeper insights and more significant impact.

With an ever-growing experience, MSCTC aspires to realise these goals with individuals as well as with organisations. We seek to inspire enterprising and imaginative people at our clients and our staff with unparalleled opportunities for professional and personal growth. In this way, we hope to forge lifelong bonds with them .


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