MSCTC e-Government Smart Card Team in Lebanon.

The e-Government Smartcard initiative for the Republic of Lebanon was commissioned under the Malaysian Technical Assistance Programme following our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s proposal to the Lebanese Prime Minister in the Arab League Summit in March 2007 that Malaysia would look into providing technical assistance and developing human capital for Lebanon. A Malaysian team was sent to Lebanon the same year to assess the possibility of using the smartcard technology in e-Government applications.

MSC Technology Centre Sdn Bhd, were appointed to undertake the project in March 2008. This project requires an independent assessment and recommendation on the requirements towards a comprehensive term of reference for the implementation of the Lebanese e-Government Smartcard. The e-Government Smartcard will be a multi government applications smartcard for the citizens of Lebanon.

The Lebanese’s Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) is the lead agency representing the Republic of Lebanon for this initiative.

In discussion with OMSAR (Office of the minister of State for Administrative Reform) team.

The Lebanon e-Government SmartCard team with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lebanon, Mr Fouad Siniora.

An after meeting photo session with representative of the Internal Security Force, Republic of Lebanon.

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